Scott Cao 4/4, 3/4, 1/2 SCV100ES violin, China


Scott Cao student instruments are the brainchild of internationally recognised violin maker Scott Shu-Kun Cao. California-based Cao has, in addition to his own personal workshop, three other workshops making different grades of instruments. One is also in California, while the other two are in China. All Chinese-made instruments are hand-carved, under the supervision of Scott Cao’s students. This three-quarter-sized violin, based on a Stradivari model, is made in Cao’s Guangzhou factory using European spruce and maple, and finished with good-quality ebony fittings. Further setting up work and adjustment have been carried out in our own professional workshops. An attractively antiqued varnish complements the resonant, colourful tone, with its even, ready response across all four strings.