Before any work on your instrument or bow can start, we need to find out what is wrong, and discuss the best way to fix it with you.

Sometimes the problem isn’t what you think! Here’s an example:

  • Your strings feel too high off the fingerboard, and your fingers hurt when you try and press the strings down…
  • You decide your bridge is too high, and you come to us to have it lowered…
  • But the real problem turns out to be the other way round – the bridge height is fine, but the neck angle is too low.

The neck might be coming out of the neck mortice. Or your instrument might have suffered a button break, like this one:



Sometimes there’s more than one solution to a problem. We can outline the options, and help you make a decision based on the needs of your instrument and bow, their value, your needs and your budget,

This assessment is called an appraisal, and it is almost always free, unless the problems are very complex.