Bow Rehairs

We aim to rehair your bow within 24 hours, Monday to Friday, if you bring your bow in before midday.



All our bows are rehaired using the best quality hair we can source for the type of bow you play. Mongolian hair is finer, allows for more subtlety, and suits more advanced players. Our Chinese hair, processed in Germany, is a little more robust, and suits students and players who like to dig into the string a bit harder.


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When we rehair your bow, we also clean the stick and polish the silver or nickel silver mounts. This work is almost always included in the price of the rehair.

Bow repairs and restoration

We offer a variety of bow repairs, all carried out in our own bow workshop. The most common repairs are stick recambering; new lappings using silver wire, silver-coated thread, or imitation whalebone; and tip replacements and repair.

Cracks and other more complex problems need to be discussed on a case-by-case basis. Broken heads can often be repaired, but the strength of the repair will depend on the density of the original wood.