Jay Haide À l'ancienne Vuillaume model violin, euro wood


Jay Haide violins, viola and cellos are the inspiration of Jay Ifshin of Ifshin Violins, California. In 1992, Jay realised they could make their own in-house, handmade instruments for the middle and upper student market, and do a better job than the traditional commercial makers in Europe and Asia. After years of research and development, Jay Haide introduced their flagship range of “l’ancienne” violins, based on the work of the great master violin makers. While most of these instruments are made in China, the top of their range, the “Vuillaume” model, based on an actual Vuillaume violin owned by the workshop, is handmade from high-quality European wood in El Cerrito, California. This fine “Vuillaume l’Ancienne” violin has a clear, powerful but very playable sound, with a variety of tonal colours and good projection. It will make a great choice for an advancing student looking for a good performing instrument.