Giulio Degani violin, Venice 1899

SKU: S514

Giulio Degani was trained by his father Eugenio and, separately and together, they dominated the Venetian violin-making scene for three and a half decades, before Giulio emigrated to the USA in 1922. This lovely violin was made only two years before Eugenio died, and shows the elegance and individuality of detail Giulio shared with his father during this period. While the deeply carved, finely-edged volutes of the large scroll are familiar to all admirers of Degani instruments, the rolled chamfers of the pegbox edges add a particularly distinctive character to this violin. The tone, as is typical of Giulio’s Venetian work, is clear, bell-like and projecting, with a noble character which compliments the warmth and power found across all registers. A beautiful violin for the serious player.