Giovanni Lazzaro violin, 2022

SKU: C887
Giovanni Lazzaro is a pre-eminent Italian violin maker who is also sought after for his highly skilled and sophisticated restoration work, and in-depth understanding of tonal adjustment, working for many leading musicians from Italy’s finest ensembles. In 1985, he graduated with full marks from the International School of Violin Making, Cremona, working conjointly with Riccardo Bergonzi. He expanded his knowledge further under the direction of such mentors as Hans j. Nebel, Vahakn Nigogosian and Igor Moroder. This exciting soloistic violin, made in 2022, combines raw power with brilliance, resonance and subtilty, with a particularly expansive upper register on the E string. Already possessing great projection, the violin is developing a wonderful range of tonal colours. These outstanding characteristics are enhanced by a striking and lustrously flamed maple back.