W.E. Hill + Sons "W.E.Hill + Sons" silver-mounted violin bow

SKU: C598

Bows made by the world-famous violin workshops of W.E. Hill and Sons come in four different quality rankings, each one indicated by the stamp on the stick above the frog. The full stamp “W.E. Hill and Sons” on this bow shows us that this is one of their first grade bows, while the figure “3 ”, hidden under the hair on the silver tip face, demonstrates that this is the work of Albert Leeson, who worked at Hills from 1920 until his death in 1946. The pernambuco stick is octagonal, and the ebony frog has silver mounts. At 57.9 grams this is a relatively light bow, but it still pulls a warm, full sound, while delivering all the playing qualities one would expect from a bow of this lineage.